Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Today Debra finished her six week Challenge at Curves. I am really proud of her for loosing over 17 lbs. She is looking really good. I weighed and double checked with my local Curves. While my clothes are fitting better, I haven't lost significant weight. i still plan to keep up the exercise program and my diet out here has been pretty good. So perhaps when I am finally at home to weigh in there, I'll see some weight loss or at least less body fat.

We are trying to get Thomas' condo sold. Today was a day of dealing with the inspection report (they are always very complete with all sorts of bad news), trying to communicate with the realtor, trying to phone the missionaries in Croatia for an interview and having the Sprint PCS tell me I wasn't set up for overseas calls, getting the wheat sold (looks like we had a better crop than I expected) , trying to talk Henry through finding documents needed for the closing on the condo which may happen next week, etc etc.

The afternoon was spent running errands. Debra tried to encourage me with my quest for weight loss with some books at Borders. We took in a movie "Cinderella Man". We finished the day at a Japanese restaurant - Miso soup and a Endive Pear Salad - both were tasty. When you break your chopstick, the manner in which it breaks is supposed to be reflective of something in your life. Mine broke with very jagged edges - matching a jagged sort of day.

Now we are back at Debra's place. It is late and traffic on the PCH has slowed down. In between cars you can hear the ocean waves roar as they break along the beach. Calming way to end the day. The ocean breezes through the windows makes snuggling under the covers with Debra's electric heating pad (fits under the sheet) something I'm ready to do. I've finished my internet "stuff" - so time to thank God for the day and go to sleep hearing those lovely ocean breakers.

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Karen said...

I would be in heaven being able to go to sleep to those sounds. I occassionally get a plane or two - not quite the same.